About Us

Our Strategy

Thank you for your interest in Delta Global Sourcing and Manufacturing. We offer direct manufacturing capabilities along with the added value of a global sourcing and logistics network. Together, this provides flexibility and speed to market, increasing development and manufacturing capabilities, resulting in bottom line growth for our customers.

Our facilities and alliances allow us to offer a substantial worldwide factory base for a variety of textile and garment products at various cost structures and lead times. All facilities are managed under the watchful eye of our extensive QC network and merchandising teams, insuring our garments are ethically produced and delivered at high quality and consistency. Delta Global Sourcing and Manufacturing also offers the added value of fabric, wash and garment development, the latest trends and innovations coming out of the world's leading fabric producers, garment laundries and design houses.

Our Strength

  • Expertise in supply chain management
  • Excellent merchandising & technical support
  • Global sourcing networks
  • Strategically allied vendors
  • Design Service
  • Substantial owned sampling and sewing facilities
  • Effective quality assurance & compliance
  • Capacity for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Complied with C-TPAT